Body, Soul & Mind

Body, Soul & Mind

5. October 2022 2022-10-19 20:13

Enjoy the moment and fuel your life with joy. Who does not wish for that? The way there always takes place within ourselves. With a little support, however, we can reach our goal faster and easier.

As an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and naturopathy, I have been accompanying people on their way to health and healing for many years. My therapeutic approach starts with mental health. I would be happy to support you in returning home strengthened from your vacation in Mallorca.

Body, Mind & Soul

Mentally healthy with natural medicine

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In the course of the past 16 years I have completed many different trainings and have become acquainted with, and practiced, various forms of therapy.

The following forms of therapy, which have achieved the greatest and fastest success for me and my patients, are also used in my treatments at Finca Amapola.

TEM – Traditional European Medicine

A holistic approach to help enhance our recovery. The treatment offers recommendations for proper nutrition, helps with various herbal mixtures, massages, and wraps. As with Traditional Chinese Medicine, the treatments are individually tailored to each patient.

TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine attempts to balance the forces and restore inner harmony. The basis of TCM is the assumption that the life energy Qi flows through the body in certain channels and thus connects all organs with each other.

Ariane Zappe – Immunsymbiose

The immune system consists of two parts – the human and the microbial.

To integrate the millions of inputs we breathe in, eat, touch, think, hear, and see, on a daily basis, the immune system is regulated by germs just as it is by humans.

Microbes give impulses that increase and then decrease inflammation. They regulate in symbiosis with us on a protein level as well as on a gene level.

The goal is not only to maintain the health of the organism, but mainly its further development – evolution – for humans AND germs.

des Organismus, sondern v.a. seine Weiterentwicklung – Evolution – für Mensch UND Keime. 

In my treatments I combine the neurobiological teachings of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt with my personal experience. Klinghardt’s holistic approach, which understands body, mind and soul as one unit, has been awarded several times as the best complementary physician worldwide.

I have been through all of his courses and have taken several master classes. Annual updates in the field of neurobiology allow me to keep my knowledge up to date.

Another approach I follow is Systemic Self-Integration according to Dr. Ero Langlotz. This assumes that every person should live his life following his own ideas and believes. Without external influences, but in love with oneself. The concept of Systemic Self-Integration is about the purposeful dissolution of symbioses and conflicts. Let’s talk about it.

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