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For several years we have been supporting our Leilani with her project “The Ark”.


Die Arche

“Die Arche – more than just animal welfare – I save lost souls!”

I am Leilani and actually came to the island with very different plans. For years I moved my way with determination and let myself drift adventurously. Until I discovered my life dream – An Agrotourismo which already included a few animals living there. I followed my inner voice and became a farmer.

It started with a few horses, with which I quickly fell in love. o, my Agrotourismo soon became a refuge for these sensitive souls and I started to rescue more and more horses.

I don’t have the Agrotourismo anymore, but I kept the rescued souls, which have found a peaceful home on my ark (Die Arche).

I have given many animals a new start, a new happy life, and I continue to fight for the lost animals that were disregarded and mistreated.

Currently I have over 60 animals living with me. Among them horses, ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, ducks, geese, chickens and many more.

Leilanis Arche e.V.

How you can help

In recent years, “Die Arche” has been growing steadily.
Due to the consequences of the pandemic, “Die Arche” currently survives off donations. The animals urgently require help.
We are happy about donations for food, veterinary treatments, medicine, material for enclosure construction and things that come up unexpectedly.
“Die Arche” and myself are grateful for any support.
Please come and visit us at “Die Arche”, we are always happy to see new faces and helping hands.
I thank you for any support and
especially Angelika and Peter for their help over the years.

Your Leilani

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