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Since 2021 the Finca Amapola is managed by the new owner, Angelika Gutbrod. After extensive renovation and conversion work, the family-run house now shines in a modern outfit. The summery color concept, which runs through the entire Agroturismo, combines Mediterranean joie de vivre with a warm and familiar host mentality.

The team of Finca AMAPOLA

Our team motto - It's all about you

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The management team

Angelika Gutbrod

With the acquisition of Finca AMAPOLA, a long-cherished dream has come true for me. As a mother of four, Alexa, Xenia, Niko and Jara, and as a grandmother to my little granddaughter
Mila, the phrase “family-run house” has a double meaning for me.

Originally, I come from the catering and tourism industry and share the passion to push things forward and to lend a hand wherever help is needed. As a trained alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and naturopathy, I can combine my two areas of heart, health and tourism, at AMAPOLA.

The team

Vany – Assistant & Allrounder
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Our sunshine Vany has recently successfully completed her studies and now not only supports Angelika, but also jumps in as a smiling all-rounder wherever it is needed.
Jairo - Garden & Pool
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Our vegetable fields and fruit trees, as well as pools, are the responsibility of our gardeners, who not only know their craft well, but are also passionate about it.
Teresa & Ana - Kitchen
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Every morning at 8:30 Ana opens the doors to the breakfast buffet with a smile. Fresh eggs from the chickens and a balanced special breakfast.
Juana & Magdalena - room fairies
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Juana and Magdlena are our room fairies. They clean our rooms with passion and always enjoy their work.


Even though we come from different countries, we are deeply rooted in Mallorca. We feel closely connected to the island, Finca AMAPOLA THANKFUL and each other. The beautiful landscape and great nature in Mallorca are the guidelines for our sustainable and respectful actions. 


We know that diversity and variety enriches our lives and does not distance us from each other. The joy of our work at Finca AMAPOLA makes us grow together and create and share unforgettable experiences. 

Our daily interaction is characterized by mutual respect. Supported by trust, appreciation and gratitude. We know that we can rely on each other, even when things get controversial. This enables us to overcome challenging situations and to look positively into the future. 


We love freedom and like to try out new things. This means that we sometimes take completely new paths. It is curiosity and enthusiasm that drive us forward. Our rich treasure of experience as well as a portion of serenity give us the strength to master ups and downs, to grow from them and to develop further. 

Angelika about herself

Devotion to nature & Encounters

Since my childhood, a certain image has accompanied me: a house in nature where many people meet to spend a good time together, part and come together again. This moment of “coming home” is a very special one.

Just like when you were a kid:

You are outside as a child, playing in the mud, coming home completely soaked and happy. Your mom puts you in the warm bathtub with lots of foam. Then she wraps you in a big, warm and fluffy towel.

The Finca Amapola

A place to come home

This is where people meet and touch each other. Employees from different countries with different backgrounds and experiences arrive and grow together to form a team.
Everyone has the opportunity to develop and live out their enthusiasm and strengths.

Many of our guests also reflect this feeling of coming home to us. Here they can arrive and simply “come down”. Put aside the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy the moment
enjoy the moment and have time.

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