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As a sustainable agrotourism hotel, at Finca Amapola we serve homegrown fruits and vegetables, as well as various herbs and wild plants from our hotel garden. Everything in organic quality. Without chemicals and pesticides. This is not only good for our environment, but it simply tastes better and more authentic!

Garden treasures in winter

There is no sign of winter blues in our garden, because it also offers a variety of diverse vegetables. In the winter season we harvest, for example:

Delicious summer vegetables

From freshly harvested and aromatic tomatoes to summery, fruity melons used for drinks or as a snack between meals: With Mediterranean and classic vegetables, our garden spoils you from spring to late fall. During this time we harvest:


Other paths

Trees are excellent sources of shade, good for the climate and give us sweet, refreshing or nutty fruits. On Mallorca, the cultivation of lemon and orange trees has a long tradition. Therefore, citrus fruits enrich our garden with their versatile uses in the kitchen and at the bar.

We have also planted our first almond and pistachio trees. In the Mallorcan cuisine, “pistachos” and almonds are used for both savory and sweet dishes. Of course, in a Mallorcan garden olive trees and tasty avocados cannot be missing.

In our orchard you will also find apple and pear trees as well as cherry and nectarine trees.

In addition to classic kitchen herbs such as basil, chives, parsley, sage thyme or rosemary, we also nurture wild herbs such as wild chard or wild leeks in our herb corner. Wasabi plants also thrive in our garden, which we love to process into wasabi paste.

In addition, we use plants such as nettle, ribwort, marigolds or milk thistle to make various ointments and tinctures.

We have built large enclosures for our lovely egg producers. Here they have enough space to run around, scratch, and bathe in the sand. As commonly known, happy hens lay better eggs. In the sense of sustainability, we do not dispose of species-appropriate food scraps, but feed our beloved feathered fowl as organic food.

Did you know that bees are one of the most important farm animals? Bees are of irreplaceable value for flowering plants and herbs. Without bees there would be no harvest.

So what could be more natural for gardeners like us than to set up some beehives? In the near future, we will therefore keep our own bees on our property borders, far away from the guest business, and will soon be able to spoil our guests with self-produced Finca Amapola honey.

The many hours of sunshine on Mallorca are also predestined for converting solar energy into sustainable and renewable green electricity. Through the use of a hotel-owned photovoltaic system, we want to contribute to a climate-friendly energy transition.

Our vegetable and fruit garden is watered with our own well water. In addition, we have installed a filter system so that we can filter the well water for our guests and fill it into glass bottles in drinking water quality. This helps our guests to produce less waste, because on Mallorca water is mainly available in environmentally harmful disposable plastic bottles.


This is how you can contribute to sustainability

As a guest at Finca AMAPOLA you can decide for yourself how often you want to change your hand and bath towels or your bed linen. Please let us know if you wish to have them changed daily or only when needed.

Please also remember to turn off the lights and the air conditioning before you leave the room.
Do you have any further questions about our sustainability concerns or about your planned stay at Finca AMAPOLA?

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